TIBET DOG SHOW 2.10.2010  Dommer: Darja Skok Lamut, Slovenien
Dogs youth class
1. Popeye's Athos exc 3
2. Hoong Pais's Dinas To Hey-Pai Lo exc 2
3. Agnesana Fei Long exc 1 junior winner
4. Gold Digger Of The Wilacks exc 4
5. Rock'n Rose Blanket   vg
6. Hashanah Cool Shot  vg
Dogs Intermediate class
7. Amstars Easy Rider exc1 CAC
Dogs Open Class
8. Tellenmussukat Onnen Aika exc 1 CAC
Dogs Champion class
9. Impresario Ad Acte exc 4
10. Lac-Me's Sweet Home Chicago exc 3
11. Fun Tan's Bohem Willy Kronk exc1 CAC BOS
12. Lee-Kung-Atrei Kirabzer exc2 reserve CAC
Bitch Baby class
13. Kim-Ono's X:tra Magic For Agnesana very perspective
Bitch Youth class
14. Hoong Pai's Akiras-Mai-Tai-Sze-Mo  very good
15. Shen De Lux Celliana Kissi  exc 4
16. Also-Lajosfaluy Uschi exc 2
17. Saffron Sherhy Jris 4 North Exotic exc 3
18. Mari Shad Evra   exc1  Junior Winner
Bitch Intermediate class
19. Agnesana Fenghuang Son-Chi exc2 reserve CAC
20. Belive To Sipoly exc1 CAC
21. Ragsol Sharlotta  exc3
Bitch Open class
22. Kalsang Rinchen Lhamo  exc1 CAC
Bitch Champion Class
23. Tangse Moonlight Success exc1 CAC BOB
Bitch Veteran Class
24. Danilos Wee-Me Tiny  Exc 1, Best veteran
Tak til Irena Nuc, for resultaterne.